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Our Program

A Nurturing Learning Environment

Regina’s Daycare is a Group Family Daycare.
We are more than a daycare. We provide wide array of fun, engaging hands on activities for all ages. These activities reinforce all areas of child development and engage children in active learning. Our curriculum is designed to the highest standards of early childhood and preschool education.
We are more than a preschool. We provide year round, all day childcare. You will have a piece of mind knowing that your child is fed two nutritious meals and a snack. That she/he is well rested and well cared for in small size group that allows for individual attention, and that the size of the school is not overwhelmingly big to the child. Instead, it is just like coming home.


Infants receive individualized care in our program.
At 3 months old children are on their individual feeding and napping schedule. We follow their cues and parent’s recommendations to compile the best routine for the rapidly growing infant.


We recognize and nurture each child’s individual needs, interests and learning styles. Our program is build to accommodate increasing curiosity, physical activity and social behaviors. Toddlers are introduced to short and engaging group activities - Morning Exercise, Circle Time, Story Time, Art and Music.

Preschool and 3K

Our Preschoolers are constantly building upon acquired social, gross motor, fine motor and language skills. They are slowly introduced to a more structured routines and participate in a wider variety of activities.

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