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Meet the Directors

Here to Help Our Students Grow

We are dedicated and enthusiastic family, who are committed to providing safe, nurturing and fun education for young children. We have more than 90 years of combined experience working with young children.
We are professionals, who understand the importance of the strong foundation that the high quality early childhood education provides. We are mothers, who believe that children need love and nurturing in order to thrive.


Boerum Hill Director

Regina is the pioneer of the program. She opened her first program in January of 2003. She began her career in early 70’s as a teacher assistant in a daycare center. Soon after she received her degree from Belarussian Pedagogical Institute, she was promoted to the head teacher position in the same center. Her hard work, dedication and love for the children earned her another promotion as a director of a large daycare center with the capacity of over 200 children ages 2-6. After moving to NY, she never stopped working with children and continues to follow her passion. Currently, Regina manages Boerum Hill location.


Carroll Gardens Director

Lana began her career in the late 90's. First as a music teacher and later as a classroom teacher in the preschool. Lana explored other careers and received bachelors degree in Computer Science. However, with the opening of the first Regina’s location Lana was reassured of  her true calling. The attraction was immediate. Lana went on to receive master's degree in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College and holds NYS teacher certification. Lana manages Carroll Garden location.


Park Slope Director

From the early years Tanya knew that she would want to be a teacher. Immediately after graduating from high school she began pursuing her teaching career. While studying at a College of Arts, in early 90', she volunteered at a local preschool as a music teacher for children in need. Upon graduating she was offered a full time position as a preschool music teacher. Tanya continued her education and received two additional degrees from the State Pedagogical Institute of Belarus with dual major- early childhood and music as well as management. She continued working in a daycare center and was promoted to the Head of the Art education. Tanya manages Park Slope locations.

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